Successful MITEF event at Canadian Embassy

Last night was a fantastic event for the MITEF Winter Gala at the Canadian Embassy.


There was a great crowd of entrepreneurs and other folks in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Remembering what I don't know

It is the season for business plan competitions.  The MIT Enterprise forum of DC and Balitmore will be holding their competition in a couple of months.  However, I've been working with some schools on the VCIC, venture capital investment competition, where the teams of students act as investors, not entreprenerus, and go about judging/grading the companies based upon criteria that VC investors would use.
I enjoy these events, because it puts me in contact with great students, amazing companies, and it helps me remember what I didn't know about the industry

Photysyntheis and quantum coherence

Does this mean than every blade of grass out there is a quantum computer?

VC can't hide any more

MIT Enteprise Forum of Washington DC and Baltimore Gala 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Canadian Embassy 501 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC

NYTimes: Sites to Refuel Electric Cars Gain a Big Dose of Funds

From The New York Times:

Sites to Refuel Electric Cars Gain a Big Dose of Funds

The infusion of cash is a vote of confidence for Better Place, the
closely watched start-up that hopes to create vast networks of charge
spots for electric vehicles.

US Post office to test electric vehicle

I've said for a while that it will not be the end consumer who decides when we switch to electric vehicles.

Went to Sisarina officewarming party

It was a nice event. I had the MAVA event to attend later in the
evening. But it is always fun to network with the startups in the
neighborhood. O had a chance to talk with the founder, and understand
why she wanted to strike out on her own. I knew one of the employees,
Amanda, from her time at Calvert.

Each startup has its own flavor. And every company's flavor is
determined by the mix of talent and people in the shop.

MAVA kickoff party

It was great to see some old friends at the MAVA kickoff party tonight
at union station in DC. The crowd was a little more sparse than
before. But that is an accurate reflection of the current environment.

The law firms were out in full force. And a few investor types were
in the audience. But at the end of the day, it is all dependant on
how much money we all return to our investors.

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