Question I don't answer - Who are my Customers?

I was going over the questions I've been asked as an investor, and questions that I hope/wish new entrepreneurs would ask.  And then I considered if there are any questions I would not answer.

There is one question I won't answer.

"Who are my customers?"

Sometimes I know the answer, often times I will have no idea.

But that's not the rationale for not answering.

The reason is the title of this blog.

If an entrepreneur doesn't understand his industry/business well enough to identify the customer, then there's no business to work with/save.

Euro breakup finally

It finally happened.


We are seeing Germany finally decide that they don't want to keep funding the southern europe lifestyle.  Spain, Italy,Greace.  all the PIIGS and others are being left out.  The euro might become a defacto mark within a short time.

Germany and its population has no desire to carry the weight any longer.  The Euro existed because countries like Germany and France were willing to let some others slide. The time for that to stop has come.




At some point every entrepreneur feels this way about investors and other folks who say no.  


This is going to happen, and how the entrepreneur feels about this and how the investor reacts are part of the kabuki dance between the two.  


Americans won't buy electric cars

USA Today poll shows most folks won't buy an electric vehicle.

There are fears that folks have on buying electric cars. Valid or not, addressable or not, these are fears people have.

Why can't entrepreneurs exit

Why can't entrepreneurs exit.

From the NY Times

A couple of elements I noted were:
The entrepreneur realized that selling to investors, meant that they'd be selling to someone else down the road. And he would lose control over the company.

The investors gave some strategic advice, that the entrepreneur decided to implement.

New Internet Boom?

Usually, when the main stream press gets a story, it's over.

I've probably become too specialized in impact investing to really have a good sense any more on the issues/opportunities of internet companies. I don't see the place for that much money.

While it's great that more companies are focused on break even and profitability, not just eyeballs, the lack of exits will still be an issue.

But if things are picking up, it's good news for many folks in the industry.

I'd still be cautious

Meet Startup America Partnership March 29

Scott Case, CEO of Startup America Partnership and Tom Kalil of the White House OSTP will be at this event on Tuesday.

The event will be held at the French Embassy.

This is the MIT Enterprise Forum's annual event. Members will be charged $45. Non-Members: $85. this event is open to the public.

The French Ambassador François Delattre will welcome the guests.

Dinner will be available, and given the locale, some French wine as well.

Post Mortem on 2010 predictions and 2011 predictions

Post Mortem on 2010 predictions.

This time last year, I wrote the following:

So what will happen in the next 12 months?
We won't feel the effects of the "recovery" unless fundamental growth happens.  Given the current status, unless we go through a lot more pain, there's nothing solid to build upon.

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