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NYTimes: Building a Green Economy

From The New York Times:

Building a Green Economy

How we can afford to tackle climate change.

I don't always agree with krugman. However, on this element of
building a green economy. I am in agreement.

big water bill coming

4 different ideas, but all touching on the big problem that water has become in the United States.

More M&A

I've seen and heard about a lot of M&A activity since Jan.  More noise than in a very long time. 
It looks like the Ibankers are keeping busy, but right now, cash is king.
Many valuations are lower than they would have been just 2 cycles ago.
But the good news for investors getting out is that these deals are getting done.

slides for a 10 min presentation

I was asked to give advice on what to tell entrepreneurs who are going to be given 10 minutes for a presentation:
Here are some simple thoughts
10 min = 8 slides.
Put the Benefit as the first slide (why does any customer care if this company exists?)
Put the Market as the second slide (is this company worth paying attention to?)
Put the resources being looked for as the second slide (why should the audience be in the room?)

NYTimes: Saving U.S. Water and Sewer Systems Would Be Costly

I usually say that by the point where a nytimes article is written
about VC it is already covering well known issues. I'm hoping that's
the case with this water utilities article. It is a major problem. And
one that affects millions in this country. And a problem few see and
few care about.

The right way of doing things is to have a potable water system
separate from the firefighting system. But that is too radical an idea.

From The New York Times:

TOXIC WATERS: Saving U.S. Water and Sewer Systems Would Be Costly

Waste heat to split hydrogen

using any form of waste energy for productive uses is interesting.  Using it to split water makes it more attractive

NYTimes: Public Pension Funds Are Adding Risk to Raise Returns

No one can get 8% return in todays market without taking on additional risk. There is the mythical risk adjusted rate of return. On one end is the zero risk represented by a T bill. On the other is high risk high return of vc and hedge funds. If an instrument's return gets too high vis a vis the risk, then the price will rise and the return will drop.

Market conditions have reduced the advantage that some pension plans used to enjoy. Now everyone is fighting for the same return. No such thing as a free lunch. With enough invesments in highly risky deals some will go to zero.

New way of angel investing

A friend sent me this link about RightSide Capitals' spray and pray approach to early stage VC.
The entrepreneur who sent me this has gone through a lot over the years we have known each other, and his risk tolerence and risk appetite have changed markedly during that time. 

Long term unemployment

NY Times article on the long term unemployed.
I've no solution for this situation.
Education/training hasn't helped this situation.  too many of the "new" jobs were in industries that have already gone, or will soon be shipped away.  How many html programmers are left in this country?
What new jobs have emerged from all the tra

Successful MITEF event at Canadian Embassy

Last night was a fantastic event for the MITEF Winter Gala at the Canadian Embassy.


There was a great crowd of entrepreneurs and other folks in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


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