Al Gore as VC

Al Gore – Planet Saving VC

Welcome to the club Al.

The most telling insight into Kleiner’s operations was on the bottom of page 2. Where they admit they don’t have much in house expertise on clean energy, but are willing to pay to get it.

I’ve seen them going around the Cleantech circuit. Asking questions, and seeing them make big sized deals.

I don’t always agree with them, having passed on some deals KPCB or VK ended up financing. But they are juggernauts in the VC world. And getting Gore to join up with them brings gravitas to an already hefty name.

Problem is, exits.

Until we see them, until returns are realized, there is no guarantee of what will happen next. I’ve criticized several of the newcomers to the cleantech space for doing milquetoast approaches to investing. When challenged on “What do you bring?” The answer is: oh we have experience in building teams, we can really work with entrepreneurs, we are able to generate a lot of financing for our companies, we know how to grow companies.

Somehow the idea of sector expertise or experience eludes them. Or was unavailable.

In any case, once the returns come in, and people are able to see the dollars, all will be forgiven. When this will happen, I have no idea.