One man's opinion on Venture Capital Basics

Needs/Wants/Expectations for User/Selector/Buyer

You have to know what the needs/wants/expectations are for your customer. And many times, you’ve got to go through 3 different people to get your product purchased, and repurchased. The User has to actually use the stuff that’s bought. If they rebel against it, or don’t adopt the product, you will not get another sale. The selection or decision maker has to choose your product over everyone else’s.

No Customers = No Company

If no one is buying your service or product, then you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.  Now your company can be your product, in the case of a build to acquire organization.  But somewhere along the line, you must have someone buying something from you.  If a sale never happens, then you never were a real company.

10 points for entrepreneurs

Foo Conner suggested I write down some guidelines that explain my philosophy of entrepreneurship.


I'll elaborate later, but here are the main points for now.

Predictions for 2015

Predictions 2015

Oil shock

Post mortem for 2014 predictions

Right now, I'm not sure.

Will Venture capital continue, will social impact investing continue? Yes.

Post Mortem 2013, Predictions 2014

Post Mortem on 2013 predictions and thoughts into 2014

Here's what I wrote this time last year, and how well my forecasts held up against reality:

Predictions for 2013
My guess is at least one country will abandon its attempt to join the EU. I'm not saying that a country will leave the EU, Greece would be my guess on that. Rather, a Poland or other eastern European country will look at the mess in western Europe, and decide that their citizenry shouldn't bail out a Greece/Spain/Italy or other more 'prosperous' country.

You're Entertainment


One thing few entrepreneurs realize when they receive angel funding is that the role has changed from salesperson to entertainer.


Post mortem 2012, predictions 2013


Post mortem on 2012 predictions:


Here's what I wrote this time last year, and how well my forecasts held up against reality:

Question I don't answer - Who are my Customers?

I was going over the questions I've been asked as an investor, and questions that I hope/wish new entrepreneurs would ask.  And then I considered if there are any questions I would not answer.

There is one question I won't answer.

"Who are my customers?"

Sometimes I know the answer, often times I will have no idea.

But that's not the rationale for not answering.

The reason is the title of this blog.

If an entrepreneur doesn't understand his industry/business well enough to identify the customer, then there's no business to work with/save.

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